attraction radius

attraction radius
радиус полюса притяжения (напр. торгового центра)

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  • Schwarzschild radius — Ger. /shvahrddts shilt /; Eng. /shwawrts chuyld , shild/, Astron. the radius at which a gravitationally collapsing celestial body becomes a black hole. [1955 60; named after Karl Schwarzchild (1873 1916), German astronomer] * * * or gravitational …   Universalium

  • Covalent radius of fluorine — The covalent radius of fluorine is a measure of the size of a fluorine atom; it is approximated at about 60 picometres. Since fluorine is a relatively small atom with a large electronegativity, its covalent radius is difficult to evaluate. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Roche-Radius — Simulation eines flüssigen Satelliten, der nur durch seine eigene Gravitation zusammengehalten wird, hier von oberhalb der Bahnebene gesehen. Weit entfernt von der Roche Grenze bildet die Masse praktisch eine Kugel …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • gravitational radius — Astron. See Schwarzschild radius. * * * ▪ astrophysics also called  Schwarzschild radius        the radius below which the gravitational attraction between the particles of a body must cause it to undergo irreversible gravitational collapse. This …   Universalium

  • gravitation — gravitational, adj. gravitationally, adv. /grav i tay sheuhn/, n. 1. Physics. a. the force of attraction between any two masses. Cf. law of gravitation. b. an act or process caused by this force. 2. a sinking or falling …   Universalium

  • geoid — geoidal, adj. /jee oyd/, n. 1. an imaginary surface that coincides with mean sea level in the ocean and its extension through the continents. 2. the geometric figure formed by this surface, an ellipsoid flattened at the poles. [1880 85; < Gk… …   Universalium

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